Size and Fit Guide

Every body is wonderful and unique, yet we all share similarities. At Letters Apparel we look at bodies not through a traditional gendered lens, but through the shapes we see. Our body shape letters are : A,O,X,H,V.

Whether or not you are considered small or big, slender or beefy – shape matters most then size. This is how we approach clothing design, and how we help you get the best fit with Letters Apparel products. 

Body Shapes "AOXHV"

Learn about the different body shapes and figure out yours.

A Shape

"A" bodies tend to have wider hips than shoulders, and carry weight in the hips, buttocks, and thighs.

O Shape

“O” bodies carry the majority of their weight in the torso. Generally in the stomach and chest, but can extend into the shoulders, hips, buttocks, and thighs for larger people.

X Shape

“X” bodies are a classic hourglass shape. They tend to have a larger chest, a narrower waist, and wider hips. “X” bodies put on weight in the bust, hips, and often thighs evenly.

H Shape

"H" bodies are those that carry weight evenly from shoulders to thighs.

V Shape

"V" bodies have a noticeably enlarged upper torso and shoulder area, but with smaller waist and hips. The "V" shape often correlates with more upper body muscle and/or larger breast area.


How to measure

Measure each position on your body with a flexible tape measure. Leave one finger between the tape and your body, as seen in the photo.

The tape should not be loose, nor overly snug. Pulling the tape taut, then releasing without letting go should let the tape measure find a happy resting tension.

A light t-shirt and close-fitting pants are ok to measure over. Do not measure with overly bulky clothing.

For product series - 1BB11

AOXHV - Boxer Briefs

This product generally fits all body types, so it is listed as AOXHV. We also know that everyone likes their underwear to fit slightly differently, and we all have different body shapes to accommodate.

The table below is a guide to understanding the size that should fit you best. Natural Waist is the smallest part of your torso, while the Low Hip is the widest.

For this product, the waistband will generally sit about 9" (23cm) from the centre of the crotch to the top of the elastic – following the contour of the body.

The Waistband measurements are the range each size fits, so there is some overlap.

Custom and Assisted Sizing

Measurements for Shirts, Jackets, & Vests

#1. Neck Circumference
Taken around the neck with the tape resting on your shoulders – where a collar would sit.

#2. Shoulder Width
Lay the tape flat on the body across the shoulders. Draw an imaginary line straight up from the arm pits to the top of the shoulders. The shoulder width is the distance between these imaginary points.

#3. Arm Length
Measure from the same point on the shoulder for shoulder width, down to #9.

#4. Chest Circumference
Measure around the chest at the widest point.

#5. Upper Arm Circumference
Measure around the upper arm near the armpit, where the arm is the largest.   

#6. Natural Waist Circumference
Taken at the smallest part of the torso, usually above the belly button and below the breast. If there is no clearly defined area, measure at the belly button. 

#7. High Hip Circumference
This is taken at the top of the hip bones.

#8. Low Hip Circumference
Taken at the widest part of the hips which includes the largest part of the buttocks. 

#9. Wrist Circumference
Measure around the wrist where it meets the hand.

#10. Torso Length
Straight line (not body contour) from #1 to #8. 

For product series - 4KV1

Madrid - Knit Vest

For product series - 4KV2

Rio - Knit Vest